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Acco Rexel

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Shredder Special Offer

Acco Rexel Paper Shredders

ABT Office Supplies Ltd

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All Prices are exclusive of VAT and Delivery

RRPABT PriceCategory
Acco Rexel V30WS Paper ShredderStrip Cut28N18220£101.75£49.15Deskside
Acco Rexel SC170 Paper ShredderStrip Cut213N22220£143.09£69.12Deskside
Acco Rexel V60 Paper ShredderStrip Cut211N23220£179.13£86.51Deskside
Acco Rexel V120 Paper ShredderStrip Cut213N35220£221.53£107.00Deskside
Acco Rexel RES1223 Mercury Paper ShredderStrip Cut213N23230£261.81£126.45Deskside
Rexel  Mercury RSS2030 Paper ShredderStrip Cut221Y30225£370.99£179.19Deskside
Acco Rexel P180/6 CD Paper ShredderStrip Cut222Y35240£386.89£186.86Deskside
Rexel Mercury RSS2232 Paper ShredderStrip Cut222Y32230£476.99£230.39Deskside
Rexel Mercury RDS2250 Paper ShredderStrip Cut222Y50250£862.83£416.75Deskside
Acco Rexel RDS2270 Mercury Paper ShredderStrip Cut222Y70250£916.89£442.85Small Office
Rexel Mercury RLS32 Paper ShredderStrip Cut232Y115260£1,192.49£575.98Large Office
Rexel Mercury RLWS28 Paper ShredderStrip Cut228Y160380£2,384.99£1,101.87Large Office
Rexel Mercury RLWS41 Paper ShredderStrip Cut241Y200400£3,275.39£1,513.23Heavy Duty
Rexel RLWS35 Strip Cut ShredderStrip Cut239Y175400£2,921.99£1,702.45Large Office
Rexel RLWS47 Strip Cut ShredderStrip Cut247Y175405£5,046.99£2,906.59Large Office
Acco Rexel V35WS Paper ShredderCross Cut35N18220£129.31£62.46Deskside
Acco Rexel CC175 Paper ShredderCross Cut39N22220£185.49£89.60Deskside
Acco Rexel V65 Paper ShredderCross Cut37N23220£220.47£106.49Deskside
Rexel Prostyle+ Paper ShredderCross Cut312Y20240£222.59£107.51Deskside
Acco Rexel Prostyle Paper ShredderCross Cut311N20240£250.15£109.32Deskside
Rexel Autoplus 60X Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut365N15240£244.99£114.34Deskside
Acco Rexel V125 Paper ShredderCross Cut38N35220£264.99£128.00Deskside
Rexel Autoplus 80X Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut385N20240£318.99£148.86Deskside
Acco Rexel REX1023 Mercury Paper ShredderCross Cut311N23230£327.53£158.19Deskside
Rexel Auto+ 100 Paper ShredderCross Cut3100/6N27225£423.99£195.00Deskside
Rexel Mercury RSX1630 Paper ShredderCross Cut317Y30225£429.29£207.35Deskside
Acco Rexel P185 Paper ShredderCross Cut311N35240£446.25£215.54Deskside
Acco Rexel RSX1632 Mercury Paper ShredderCross Cut316Y32230£610.55£294.89Deskside
Rexel Auto+175X Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut3175Y32240£742.99£311.94Deskside
Rexel Auto+250X Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut3275Y40240£849.99£396.66Deskside
Rexel Mercury RDX1850 Paper ShredderCross Cut318Y50250£895.69£432.62Deskside
Rexel Mercury RDX2070 Paper ShredderCross Cut320Y70250£1,006.99£486.38Small Office
Acco Rexel RLX20 Paper ShredderCross Cut320Y115260£1,494.59£721.89Large Office
Rexel Auto+500X Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut3550Y80240£2,081.99£988.86Small Office
Rexel Mercury RLWX19 Paper ShredderCross Cut319N160380£2,681.79£1,238.99Large Office
Rexel Auto+750X Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut3750Y115240£3,186.991,378.00Large Office
Rexel RLWX25 Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut328N175400£3,453.99£1,980.89Large Office
Rexel RLWX39 Cross Cut ShredderCross Cut339N175400£5,578.99£3,170.88Large Office
Rexel Mercury REM723 Paper ShredderCross Cut48N23230£370.99£179.19Deskside
Rexel Mercury RSM1130 Paper ShredderCross Cut411Y30225£554.37£267.77Deskside
Rexel Mercury RDM1150 Paper ShredderCross Cut412N50250£1,271.99£614.38Deskside
Rexel Mercury RDM1170 Paper ShredderCross Cut412N70250£1,377.99£665.57Small Office
Acco Rexel RLM11 Paper ShredderCross Cut411Y115260£1,844.39£852.10Large Office
Rexel RLWM26 Micro Cut ShredderCross Cut426N175400£6,109.99£3,468.23Large Office
Acco Rexel RDSM750 Mercury Paper ShredderCross Cut57N50250£1,907.99£881.50Deskside
Rexel Mercury RDSM770 Paper ShredderCross Cut58N70250£2,013.99£930.47Small Office
Acco Rexel RLSM9 Paper ShredderCross Cut59Y115260£2,681.79£1,238.99Large Office
Rexel RLWSFM9 Super Micro Cut ShredderCross Cut69N175405£10,624.99£5,996.60Large Office

*Sheet capacity varies depending on thickness & weight of paper, the figures used here for Max Sheet Capacity are for 70gsm paper in a single pass. We do not recommend using any shedder at it's absolute maximum capacity for consecutive passes.

All Prices are exclusive of VAT and Delivery

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