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Plastic Shredding

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Shredding Plastics

Our shredders are the perfect choice for those involved in plastics processing and industrial recycling. They are designed to shred rigid plastic products and containers, permanently destroying them and protecting product identity. This eliminates the fraudulent use of products and saves money, time, labour and space. Ulster Shredders are widely used by many industries, including cosmetic, pharmaceutical and electronic manufacturers, to reduce large pieces of plastic to small, manageable chunks. The output of our plastic shredders can be adjusted to create a specific, desired particle size, which can then be run through a granulator for further size reduction, if required. Safety is paramount feature of all our products, and it is design engineered into each machine. This not only ensures that dust and noise are kept to a minimum, but that operator safety is maintained at all times.

Model Mobile
Plastics Metal Clinical
Tyres Packaging Computers
& Electronic
ABT IS-15 Industrial Shredder   Yes Yes Yes   Yes   Yes
ABT IS-45 Industrial Shredder   Yes       Yes Yes  
ABT IS-7 Industrial Shredder   Yes       Yes    

*Sheet capacity varies depending on thickness & weight of paper, the figures used here for Max Sheet Capacity are for 70gsm paper in a single pass. We do not recommend using any shedder at it's absolute maximum capacity for consecutive passes.

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