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Shredder Terminology Explained

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Auto-start/stop on jamming: Stops the shredder when excessive paper is fed into the throat. Lengthens product life significantly.
Cross-cut shredder: Shredder that destroys the document into confetti-like particles by cutting the paper across and down.
Daily Usage: Defined as the number of sheets shredded on average per day.
Light Daily Usage
  • Designed for light duty personal use (typically 10 - 20 shredding passes per day)
  • Ideal for use at home
  • Shredding credit card receipts, banking information, pre-approved credit card application forms etc.
Medium Daily Usage
  • Designed for medium-duty personal use (typically 25 - 50 shredding passes per day)
  • Ideal for home & office use
  • Shredding any sensitive personal/office documentation
Heavy Daily Usage
  • Designed for heavy-duty personal or light-duty office use (typically 50 - 100 shredding passes per day)
  • Ideal for the workplace
  • Shredding any sensitive personal/office documentation
Commercial Daily Usage
  • For heavy-duty & continuous office use
  • Heavy-duty motors & solid steel cutters
  • Paper clip & staple safe
  • Generally large capacity bins
  • Various security level options
Daily Capacity: Maximum daily capacity is defined by the following equation:
Daily Capacity Equation
DIN Level: The security level of the shredder. Grouped by 5 classifications from general security (DIN 1) to top secret (DIN 5). The table below shows a more detailed description of current security levels.
DIN Level Security Definitions Examples of documents to be shredded
1 Security Level 1 General Everyday documents, banking information, credit card receipts, bulk shredding. Cuts to 11.8 mm particles.
2 Security Level 2 Everyday Internal, working documents, financial information. Cuts to 3.9 / 5.8 mm particles or 1.9mm strips.
3 Security Level 3 Confidential Sales data, salary information, personal and personnel documents. Cuts to 3.9 x 30 - 50 mm particles.
4 Security Level 4 Sensitive Strategic proposals, personnel files. Cuts to 1.9 x 15 mm particles.
5 Security Level 5 Top Secret Military and government documents. Cuts to 0.78x 11 mm particles.
Electronic auto-start: This auto-start functions when a sheet is passed through a beam of light. This reduces the risk of jamming and is vital for continuous form shredding e.g. computer paper.
Mechanical auto-start: This auto-start functions when a sheet of paper triggers a micro-switch, which starts the shredding process.
Noise level at capacity: The amount of noise produced by the shredder (in decibels) whilst in use at full sheet capacity.
Reverse: An essential function to permit easy removal of excess material.
Sheet Capacity: Number of sheets that can be fed into a shredder in one go. This value is calculated using 70gsm paper.
Shred speed: The speed paper is fed through the shredder, measured in meters per minute. Shred speed is dependent upon the amount of paper inserted and paperweight.
Strip-cut shredder: Shredder that cuts the paper into various long spaghetti-like pieces.
Thermal Overload Protection: Protects the shredder motor from overheating and lengthens the product life.
Throat width: The throat or entry width of the opening into which the paper is fed. This determines the size of the paper that can be used without fNEWing it.