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Responsible disposal of used tyres is an increasingly expensive business, involving sorting, storage, collection and disposal costs. However, used tyres also represent a valuable resource. They can be processed into rubber shred and crumb for a variety of uses, including equestrian, sports and safety surfaces as well as carpet underlay. The finer grades of crumb are incorporated into under-bonnet rubbers on vehicles and can be used for road surfaces. Ulster Shredders present a viable means for organisations to successfully tackle their used tyre problem, and reduce bulky, hazardous items to a format that can be re-sNEW, recycled and disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion.

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*Sheet capacity varies depending on thickness & weight of paper, the figures used here for Max Sheet Capacity are for 70gsm paper in a single pass. We do not recommend using any shedder at it's absolute maximum capacity for consecutive passes.

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