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At ABT we service and repair paper shredders using our manufacturer-trained and certified technicians who service many brands of office paper shredders. These brands include Acco Rexel, Dahle, Fellowes, GBC, HSM, IDEAL, Intimus and Kobra.

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Oiling your shredder prolongs the life of the unit. We recommend oiling your shredder after every 15 minutes of continuous use or every time you empty the waste bin, whichever is the sooner. Simply squirt a figure 8 or an X, corner to corner, on a piece of paper and shred it. Your shredder will run more smoothly and more efficiently when oiled on a regular basis.

As stated above, the life and performance of your shredder will be increased by regular oiling. Paper chips and dust build-up can, over a period of time, limit your cutters ability to rotate smoothly. Oiling the shredder regularly will eliminate any of the build-up and allow the shredder to perform at its best.
The frequency of service maintenance calls will be decreased by oiling the shredder. The shredder will run smoother, faster and put less strain on the motor, gears and bearings.
ABT's service technicians are trained in all aspects of your shredding equipment. Solutions to your mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic problems are only a telephone call away. ABT's Parts and Service department also offers economical maintenance programmes which are designed to meet your specific installation requirements. Unsheduled downtime is reduced as worn and fatigued parts are replaced prior to failure. The bottom line result is maximum production at minimum operating costs and the knowledge that your equipment is being professionally maintained.

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