Rexel Auto+500X Cross Cut Shredder supplied by ABT

Rexel Auto+500X Cross Cut Shredder


Rexel Auto+500X Cross Cut Shredder

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Rexel Auto+500X Paper Shredder

  • *Up to 550 sheet capacity
  • 4 x 40mm cross cut
  • 80 litre pull out bin
  • shreds stapled documents, paperclips & credit cards
  • Manufacturer: Rexel
  • Type: Departmental
  • Dimensions: 64.5 x 95.5 x 65
  • Weight: 36.5Kg
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Rexel Auto+500X Cross Cut Shredder

Standing before a shredder putting in stacks of paper everyday is a waste of time and that can include pulling out staples or removing paperclips before you shred your documents. The Rexel Auto+ 500X shredder is a very efficient, automatic shredder designed to make document shredding simple in medium sized offices and for departmental use. Thanks to the revolutionary Rexel automatic shredding technology (Auto Feed), you no longer need to remove staples or paperclips before you shred documents. Simply load up to 500 A4 sheets of paper in one go and leave the Auto+ 500X shredder to get on with the job; it can continuously shred up to 500 sheets in 22 to 25 minutes saving you valuable time to get on with your job. Only a few sheets to shred? Use the manual feed slot which accepts 10 sheets in one go and also can shred credit cards, equipped with Jam Free technology.

A separate entry slot will allow you to shred CDís and DVDís, a waste bin for shredded CDís is supplied. Shredded paper can be recycled in recyclable paper waste bags which will fit in the retractable frame.

Auto Oiling technology will keep the performance of the shredder on a constant high level, just fill the oil-container with Rexel shredder oil (Product Code 1760049) and the cutting had will be lubricated when needed.

The Auto+ 500X is a medium security (DIN S3) shredder that shreds paper into unreadable confetti sized particles (sized 4 x 40mm) making it ideal for sensitive and confidential data. This shredder has a 80 litre capacity pull out bin with viewing window that hNEWs up to 850 sheets of shredded paper meaning you have to empty it less often. The Auto+ 500X is a ultra quiet shredder (less than 60DBA) with a LED indicators that alerts the user when the feeder door is open, bin full, reverse, overload/jam. Auto shut off after 2 minutes of non-use saves energy. The self cleaning cutting head prevents paper jams and has auto reverse technology.

It is essential that you protect your confidential and valuable information from being stolen by shredding any business document that may put information at risk from identity fraud. The Auto+ 500X shredder is designed to automatically shred documents without the need to constantly stand over it loading paper. Unlike other auto feed shredders, it accepts staples and paperclips removing any hassles and freeing up your time to get on with other tasks. You can be confident that the Auto+ 500X shredder is an essential asset to any busy business that has medium volume, medium security shredding requirements.

Weighing 40.8kg and sized at 817(H) x 570(W) x 528(D)mm, the Auto+ 500X shredder is easy to manoeuvre, thanks to 4 casters, and makes transportation around your office simple. It also offers the extra peace of mind of a 2 year warranty and an extended 20 year warranty on the cutters.
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Rexel Shredder Oil - Bottle 473ml £18.99 Rexel Shredder Oil - Bottle
Rexel Shredder Oil - Sheets 12 £20.49 Rexel Shredder Oil - Sheets
Rexel Shredder Oil - Sheets 20 £28.99 Rexel Shredder Oil - Sheets

*Sheet capacity varies depending on thickness & weight of paper, the figures used here for Max Sheet Capacity are for 70gsm paper in a single pass. We do not recommend using any shedder at it's absolute maximum capacity for consecutive passes.

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