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PacMaster Cardboard Shredders

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PacMaster Cardboard Shredders

Economical and reliable: the special PacMaster technique converts empty corrugated board packaging, which previously cost money to dispose of, into "free" large-volume filler material suitable for packing even sensitive goods for transport.
Alto Dust Extractor £ P.O.A
PacMaster S £ P.O.A
PacMaster VS £ P.O.A
  • Power supply does not matter:There is a PacMaster available for each power outlet. The PacMaster S as the standard machine for 3-phase outlets and the PacMaster VS with VarioSpeed, Martin Yale's unrivalled solution for 3-phase power from a single-phase outlet
  • Movable on Rollers: With the two fixed and two lockable guide rollers the machine offers a maximum of
  • Convenient and Simple Operation: The machine is equipped with one lockable EMERGENCY STOP main switch and one rugged rotary switch for ON / OFF and reverse function. In case of overload the operator switches the machine off, then switches it in reverse function for some seconds to remove the jam and finally switches it in forward mode again.
  • Elaborate feeding slot: the funnel-shaped feeding slot allows fast and convenient feeding of used cardboard boxes. A size guide on the work surface ensures accurate cutting of the cardboard to customise the stuffing mats to required width.
  • Comprehensive Safety Features:Extensive safety systems are provided for all functions to protect the operator and the machinery. With the lockable emergency stop main switch the machine can be locked to avoid unauthorised use by e.g. children.
intimus pacmaster cardboard shredder

intimus pacmaster cardboard shredder
Technical Data   PacMaster S PacMaster VS
Stuffing mat grid mm 4 x 110 4 x 110
Cutting capacity cartons 2 -3 ply boxes 3 ply boxes
Cutter feed width mm 425 425
Cutting height mm 20 20
Cutting speed m / s 0.18 0.09 - 0.29
Cutting capacity cbm / h 5 - 7* 7 - 11*
Sound level approx. dBA 68.5 68.5
Power consumption kW 3.9 2.5
Supply voltage V 400, 3 ph. 230, 1 ph.
Dimensions W/L/H mm 470 / 685 / 950 470 / 685 / 950
Weight approx. kg 140 140


All PacMaster models include a connector for an industrial vacuum as a standard feature. The dust is collected directly from the cutters and from the stuffing mats before they leave the PacMaster.

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Oil and Grease


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Pacmaster grease


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Pacmaster Lubricant (125ml)


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