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Intimus 14.84 Shredder Baler

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Intimus 14.84 Shredder Baler

A useful supplement to the large document shredder. A baler automatically compresses the piles of shredded material into compact bales. The shredder / baler combination optimises the exceptional performance of the data shredder. The strips or particles of paperwork shredded in accordance with the requirements of data security drop into the compacting chamber of the 8 tonne hydraulic baler. Security levels 2 or 3

The data shredder and the baler are operated in a continuous cycle. The cutting mechanism can continue to be loaded while the baler is compressing the shredded material.

An audible signal indicates when the bale is completed. The compressed bale is then bound with two straps and elected from the compacting chamber by a push button control. Alternatively, the bale can also be ejected directly into an environmentally compatible plastic sack. The advantages are stable bales and dust-free handling. Shredder comes in three versions. 3.8 and 7.8mm strip cut, or a 3.8 x 40mm cross cut version.

Intimus 14.84 Shredder Baler

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