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Intimus 502 CD
CD/DVD Rom and Floppy Disk Shredder

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Intimus 502 CD
  • Security Level 3
  • Weight (kg) 43
  • Catch basket volume 25 litres (Disk), 30 litres (CD)
  • Dimensions: (W/D/H) 490x380x870mm
  • The shredder is switched on/off and reversed via a push-button
  • The reverse button ensures that any blockages in the cutter are immediately cleared
  • Energy conserving drive only consumers current when the cutter is activated
  • Maintenance free, smooth-running technology
  • Each medium is inserted individually in the appropriate feed slot and is shredded into small particles within seconds.
  • The shredded CDs/DVDs are neatly segregated from the other materials and collected separately.

This Shredder is for CD Rom's and Floppy disks only NOT Paper

CD ROM's and disks contain enormous volumes of data. Portable and compact, their "exposure" could have potentially devastating effects. Special shredders are required to cut these media so that they are totally illegible. The intimus range includes tried and tested efficient solutions. This special purpose shredder is perfect for shredding CD-ROMS and 3.5" floppy disks. Up to 1200 units can be shredded per hour at security level 3.
Separate collecting bins for disposing of shredded CDs and floppy disks are a standard feature of the intimus 502 CD.

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