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HSM SP4988 Shredder Baler

ABT Office Supplies Ltd


HSM SP4988 Shredder Baler       HSM SP4988 Shredder Baler

The semi-automatic professional solution

The HSM SP4988 is the disposal unit which offers excellent price-/performance ratio. The powerful shredder and semi-automatic press with strapping form a highly effective team.
  • Low-noise, energy-saving technology
  • Efficient material shearing system for protruding material at the press ram
  • Dust scrapers on the inside of the conveyor belt increase both service life and reliability
  • Cutting capacity: up to 440 sheets per cycle
  • Pressing power: 85kN
  • Hourly output: up to 7 bales @ 70-95 kg
  • Channel baling press with loading aperture / inspection flap for direct compression of cardboard or packaging material etc
  • Automatic press channel adjustment for constant pressing power
  • Variable bale length setting
  • Manual, 3-fNEW strapping with continuous polyester tape
  • Equipped as standard with polythene bag attachment, basic equipment: 5 plastic bags

High performance conveyor belt document shredder, combined with baling press (FA 490.1 and KP 88.1). Material intake via large loading table and electric conveyor belt. Keypad control for constant operation and reverse as well as automatic reverse in the event of a paper jam. Integrated, manual oiler for cutting unit (particle cut version only). Modern SPS controller with multilingual display and convenient menu navigation. Photoelectric cell for automatic control of the pressing process. Shredding and pressing conducted simultaneously. Press with filling opening for non confidential documents or cardboard (dimensions 350 x 450 mm). Semi-automatic, Manual 3-fNEW bale strapping with continuous polyester tape. Serially equipped with polythene bag attachment (basic equipment: 5 plastic bags). Display for finished bales.

Product type descriptionHSM SP4988HSM SP4988HSM SP4988HSM SP4988HSM SP4988
Cutting typestrip cutstrip cutparticle cutparticle cutparticle cut
Security level12223
Cutting width10.5 mm5.8 mm10.5 mm7.5 mm4.5 mm
Particle lengthN/AN/A40 - 76 mm40 - 80 mm40 - 70 mm
Cutting capacity (70g/m²)230 - 250160 - 180420 -440300 - 320200 - 220
Cutting speed235 mm/s235 mm/s235 mm/s250 mm/s250 mm/s
Working width500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Pressing power85 kN85 kN85 kN85 kN85 kN
Automatic strappingnonononono
Loading aperture width450 mm450 mm450 mm450 mm450 mm
Loading aperture height350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm350 mm
Bale length200 - 950 mm200 - 950 mm200 - 950 mm200 - 950 mm200 - 950 mm
Bale width500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Bale height500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Number of strappings33333
Strapping materialpolyester tapepolyester tapepolyester tapepolyester tapepolyester tape
Power consumption of the motor6000 / 4000 W6000 / 4000 W6000 / 4000 W6000 / 4000 W6000 / 4000 W
Voltage400 V400 V400 V400 V400 V
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Depth3530 mm3530 mm3530 mm3530 mm3530 mm
Width1280 mm1280 mm1280 mm1280 mm1280 mm
Height1350 mm1350 mm1350 mm1350 mm1350 mm
Weight1537 kg1537 kg1537 kg1537 kg1537 kg
ABT Price£P.O.A£P.O.A£P.O.A£P.O.A£P.O.A


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