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HSM SECURIO B24 Paper Shredder

ABT Office Supplies Ltd


HSM SECURIO B24 Paper Shredder

  • Cross Cut (0.78x11mm)
  • Security level 5
  • *Shreds 7 sheets max @ 70gsm
  • 65mm/sec speed
  • 34 litre bin
  • 240mm entry width
  • Motor: 500 W
  • Dimensions: 395x317x605mm
  • Weight: 20.5kg
ModelABT PriceBuy Online
HSM SECURIO B24 (0.78x11mm)£825.00ABT Shredders Buy Online
Shredder Bags to fit model 104 / 105 /
B22 / B24
£27.99ABT Shredders Buy Online
Shredder care kit by HSM. Make sure your
machine's performance stays at a High level
with this great HSM care kit
£34.99ABT Shredders Buy Online
HSM Shredder Oil 200ml£7.69ABT Shredders Buy Online
SECURIO - The new aesthetic style in disposing confidential data and documents.
Cutting edge colour and form. Elegant and dynamic. Discreet and yet eye-catching in the smallest detail.
Special power
The optimum design of all cutting unit components ensures smooth operation, saves valuable energy and reduces wear. All motors are designed for continuous operation.
Relax your sense of hearing.
Great emphasis was placed on attractive sound design during the development phase. The SECURIO shreds your documents with a pleasantly quiet operating sound.
The Cutting Unit
The specially hardened 100% steel cutting rollers are manufactured from a single piece of steel, will not be affected by wear and tear and ensure a permanently precise cut. In addition staples and paper clips present no problems for SECURIO
EMCS (Energy Management and Control System) - Dealing with energy in a sensible manner
The intelligent energy management EMCS sets the SECURIO to sleep mode when not in use, which saves up to 30% of the energy and switches it off completely after 4 hours (real zero power consumption). This saves up to 70% of the energy consumption of a conventional standby function.
*Sheet capacity varies depending on thickness & weight of paper, the figures used here for Max Sheet Capacity are for 70gsm paper in a single pass. We do not recommend using any shedder at it's absolute maximum capacity for consecutive passes.

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