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ABT IS-100 Industrial Shredder


ABT IS-100 Industrial Shredder

Key Features

  • Up to 75% volume reduction
  • Flexible loading (manual, conveyor, bin-lifter etc.)
  • Economical product waste recycling
  • Self cleaning, counter rotational shafts for continuous shredding
  • Flexible feed and discharge arrangements available
  • Automatic reversing and overload protection system
  • Basic and smart control system options
  • Preparation of products for recycling

Alternative Applications

  • Confidential document and media destruction
  • Security destruction of production seconds and by-products
  • Air or belt conveyed feed and discharged shredding systems
  • Shredding of 205 litre steel and plastic drums
  • Shredding of IBC tanks
  • Pre-shredder for pre-sorted municipal waste MRF
  • Yellow bag clinical waste

The 75kW drive on the ABT IS-100 Industrial Shredder makes it capable of larger throughputs, by generating more torque within a larger chamber than smaller machines in the range. This combination of capacity and torque makes it ideal for the volume reduction of redundant IT equipment and bulky electrical goods.
The ABT IS-100 Industrial Shredder is endowed with remarkable shredding capabilities on a wide range of materials including: aluminium and light steel, steel drums packaging, hospital waste, aluminium cans, PET bottles, computer printouts, manufacturing rejects, pharmaceutical rejects, glass/glass containers, plastic purgings and sprues, wood, skids, pallets, crates, steel drums, documents, hides, wastewater, concession waste, newspapers, and much more.

ABT IS-100 General Specifications
Height Width Length Weight
General Assy 3650mm 1325mm 4425mm 9500kg
Shredder 925mm 1425mm 3800mm 7500kg
Drive Motor 800mm 625mm 1500mm 750kg
Safety Stand* 1650mm 1590mm 3940mm 1250kg
Safety Hopper* 1530mm 1855mm 2420mm 500kg
Control Panel 1600mm 1000mm 400mm 200kg
Cutting Chamber Size 1580mm x 812mm
Distance between shaft centers 305mm
Size of shaft hexagon 127mm A/F
Maximum knife diameter 420mm
Maximum knife thickness 47mm
Maximum weight of knife 35kg

*Sheet capacity varies depending on thickness & weight of paper, the figures used here for Max Sheet Capacity are for 70gsm paper in a single pass. We do not recommend using any shedder at it's absolute maximum capacity for consecutive passes.

All Prices are exclusive of VAT and Delivery

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